autumnIt’s officially Autumn today and we had with us in the meeting Mike Forrest, our Area Governor and also Chris, a guest from Sunrise Toastmasters.

Penny, our Toastmaster of the Day started the meeting with the theme “Togetherness”. She urged all of us to stand unity in strength, work together as a team and together we can achieve great things!

Candid” was the Word of the Day chosen by our grammarian, Helen. It means truthful, straightforward and frank. We were encouraged to use this word in our speech.

Shelby the main speaker told us the importance of knowing how settling in work while migrating in a new country. There were 6 emotional stages one would go through in the first 2 years settling in a new country. She quoted her own experience in settling in New Zealand and how she overcame some challenges over the first year. Her speech highlighted the problems and challenges faced by new migrants and how these new comers could get help and eventually fit in the new country.

fruitsOur Table Topics today were mysterious objects in a bag! What a refreshing way to present the table topics! Each of us picked an object from a bag and talked about it. We had orange, tomato, apple, plum, ginger and garlic! Amazing we could talk about each of these for a minute or two! Thanks Penny for this wonderful Table Topics.

Point to note:

When we use visual aid to present our speech, point at the visual aid and turn to the audience when explaining. Don’t look at the visual aid while speaking.

Have a great day, all of you!

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