This day 4 years ago at 12:51pm, Christchurch experienced its second powerful earthquake after the first one in September 2010. The quake shook the world and also the hearts of many in this beautiful Garden City. 185 precious lives perished.

At about 12:50pm, we observed a minute of silence in remembrance of those who lost their lives, their families and all those who experienced and braved through this deadly disaster. We thank God for keeping us and being with us in this difficult time. We believe all the people in Christchurch will stand back up and Christchurch will be rebuilt and be a charming Garden City again.

We continued our meeting with the main speaker Helen spoke about her passion in teaching, her love for the children and the fulfilment of supporting and helping her students to turn around. She also told us the embarrassing, challenging and happy moments being a teacher and then principal in her school. Being “ruled by the bell” was her calling!

We had a wonderful guest, Linda with us today. And we were all impressed by her impromptu speech about which gender she would choose to be if she had a choice! Her argument was that it was not about sex but the heart that determined who we really were. Brilliant Linda. Thanks for coming and we hope you’ll join CWC Toastmasters.

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