Speech Contests

Twice a year we have our club level speech contests.

Speech contests are an important part of the Toastmasters educational program. They provide an opportunity for other Toastmasters to learn by observing proficient speakers.

We have four categories of speech contest:

  1. International Speech Contest
  2. Humorous Speech Contest
  3. Evaluation Speech Contest
  4. Table Topics Contest

Winners of the club level contest will have a chance to compete with Toastmasters from other clubs in the Area level contest. It is an exciting and challenging time. We like to encourage all our Toastmasters to participate in at least one, if not all the contests, as there is nothing like a little ‘healthy competition’ to get the creative juices flowing and produce some impressive and poignant speeches.

We encourage our Toastmasters to invite as many friends and colleagues to support them in their journey. Everybody is welcome to our club meeting to listen and enjoy our Toastmasters present their motivating and engaging speeches. Our meetings are always a great afternoon of entertainment and every year, it seems, contest time brings us to a new level of growth and confidence within ourselves.

Contest Winners for 2018/2019

Club Contest

  • Humorous Speech: 1st Place – Laura Bruce (2019)
  • Table Topics: 1st Place – Nicola Tiffen (2019)
  • International Speech: 1st Place – Steph McDade (2018)
  • Evaluation Speech: 1st Place – Lovey Ratima-Rapson (2018)

Area Contest

  • Humorous Speech:  1st Place – Nicola Tiffen (2018)
    • 3rd Place – Steph McDade (2018)
  • Table Topics: 3rd Place – Nicola Tiffen (2018)
  • Evaluation:  3rd Place – Nicola Tiffen (2019)go for it

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