Pathways is an online-based tool to help and guide you through the various public speaking and leadership projects here at Toastmasters. Each path has various Levels which you progress through beginning with Level 1 and your first Icebreaker Project.

Once issued with your Toastmasters login you progress through Pathways Base Camp answer a survey with questions designed to find out what you would like to achieve from your Toastmasters experience. At the end the survey it will then suggest the appropriate Path from ten Paths available to you. Each Path starts with an Icebreaker speech.

Starting Pathways (Downloadable Guides)

Pathways Icebreaker Level 1 Project Guide.pdf

Pathways Icebreaker Evaluation Form.pdf

Pathways Paths and Core Competencies.pdf

Pathways Instructional Videos – Getting Started

Navigating Pathways Online Video Part 1

Navigating Pathways Online Video Part 2

Want to learn more about the available Pathways click here

If you need any further help email or talk to our VP Ed or one of our committee members.